Energy prices look like they will continue to rise over the next few years but that doesn’t mean you have to be at their mercy. There are still ways in which you can manage these increases and take control of how much you pay.

Members purchasing their energy via Affinity have already taken the first step in managing their costs by signing up for a fully-delivered, fully-fixed contract.

The next step is to improve your energy efficiency. By making simple changes that will improve your energy efficiency you will also save money whilst benefitting the planet. The Affinity energy team are helping in this regard by working behind the scenes to help customers reduce their energy consumption, making it less wasteful and more efficient.

Since 2008, when energy prices saw a spike of 35%, prices have remained high with no real indication of a slow-down. This is highlighted by continuing increases in pass-through charges which, in turn, have seen rises in actual delivered pence per unit price. These increases have forced the industry to be more innovative and creative in helping to reduce costs. This can be seen in the shape of greener technologies and more sustainable energy sources.

Take control of your energy consumption through detailed monitoring. Speak to us about panoramic power systems and benefit from real time visibility at device level.