You may be aware that by 2025, BT plans to switch off their traditional ISDN network which means business phone systems will need to be adapted or changed to make and receive calls across their broadband or dedicated data circuits.

Just like the transition from listening to music on cassette tape to CD, to online streaming or the recent switch to digital television, the natural progression of moving to a hosted telephone system is gathering pace at a staggering rate, with over 2 million users within the UK.

The transition to hosted telephony is not solely down to BT’s announcement but is also being driven by the flexibilities and cost savings that a hosted telephone system can deliver. So, what is hosted telephony and why should your business make the change?

What is Hosted Telephony?

In simple terms a hosted telephone system is held in a secure network data centre (or what many call ‘The Cloud’) instead of being located at your premises and connects using your broadband/data circuit to make and receive calls, rather than through traditional phone lines. 

What are the benefits?

No Initial Phone System Outlay: There is no expensive hardware or cabling costs to consider when moving to a hosted phone system as the system is located at the service providers secure data centre and not your premises. You simply pay for what you need on a monthly per user basis which gives greater control and predictable costs.

No Expensive Maintenance Costs: As the phone system is maintained by the service provider there is no requirements for expensive annual maintenance and upgrade contracts that you have with traditional phone systems.

FREE Calls: You can receive free calls between internal users and to UK local 01/02/03 numbers. With hosted telephony, you can even bring your desk phones and mobiles together in a converged solution to get inclusive calls between your fixed and mobile users.

Flexible Working: Integrating your mobiles and desk-phones into a converged solution enables you to be contacted on a single number across multiple devices, answering calls and retrieving voicemails wherever you are. This delivers enhanced customer service through improved productivity and is ideal for multi-location, remote or home workers.

One System for Multiple Locations: Do you have multiple offices, sites, farm shops, warehouses or workshops? With hosted telephony, you can have a single system for all locations, increasing productivity and saving costs without the need for individual phone systems and cabling at each location.