Arguably one of your most important business assets will be your debtors, which often remains at risk with no insurance cover.

The recent pre-pack administration deal for Bernard Matthews, which left more than 900 companies unable to recover a total of £23m in unsecured debts, highlights how destructive the consequences of insolvency can be.

Big political and economic ambiguities continue to dominate the landscape, leading to uncertainty. Consequently, insurers are predicting insolvencies in the UK could rise by over 15% during the next three years. As such, now is a good time to make provisions for insolvency amongst your debtors and how it could affect your cash-flow.

Therefore, Affinity Insurance is delighted to announce we now have access to a credit insurance scheme, specifically designed to cover agricultural credit risks and therefore allowing us to provide members with vital protection.

The scheme is managed by S-Tech Insurance Services Ltd, a specialist Credit Insurance Broker and part of Alan Boswell Group, appointed Insurance broker to AF.

Laurence Hill, Director of Credit Services at S-Tech said: “We are delighted to have this opportunity to offer our scheme, which we have operated for over 20 years, to AF members. We look after a wide cross-section of the agricultural sector from arable crops and fresh produce, to poultry and meat. Many of our clients buy this cover for peace of mind, leaving them to run their business without the distraction of managing these risks. It is never an easy job to assess a good risk from a bad one, or even when a good one turns bad, so we firmly believe it is better to leave this job to the professionals”.

Underwritten by the market leading insurer, Atradius, the scheme can consider cover for single or multiple customers with the ability to cater for extended payment terms.

Premiums vary according to the risk profile involved, so if you have any concerns in this area or would like a quotation, please contact AF Insurance on 01603 881 874 or email Richard Hastings at