Affinty is now managing customers water accounts following deregulation within the water industry at the start of April.

Deregulation has seen the introduction of a competitive market allowing water companies to bid to buy the retail element of water supplies. Put simply, whilst there is no change to the water supply and waste water pipes that serve farm and properties, the billing, customer services and technical support is opened up to a variety of nationwide suppliers, not just a regional supplier.

Affinty is providing members with a water management service, similar to the existing electricity and mains gas management service. The benefits of using Affinty include full account management and transfer of water suppliers, first bill check, bill validation, account queries, and synchronised contract end dates.

Based on data received from members on their existing water consumption, Affinity has negotiated UK-wide terms with the licensed provider The Water Retail Company who will be the sole supplier for Affinity’s water accounts in the first instance. Longer-term Affinity may look to extend its water supplier base as more members switch to Affinity for the service.

Members are reminded that they are not obliged to remain their existing retail supplier – that’s despite businesses receiving new account numbers from their existing water companies in recent weeks.

Justine Temple, Affinity Energy General Manager, said: “All businesses can now pick who they buy their water from, just like they can with electricity and gas. Affinity has selected its preferred supplier and negotiated terms on behalf of members, locking-in prices for their water.”

“The Affinity service will see the smooth transition of back-end account handling from existing suppliers to Affinity’s preferred supplier. If a member has multiple farm sites, one of the benefits of deregulation means they can now use the one supplier for all of their locations and receive a single bill.”

“Thank you to those members who have provided us with their existing water bills as that data has helped us agree terms with our chosen supplier. The Affinity Energy team will now be working hard to provide quotes for members and start making the transfers on their behalf,” said Justine.

Let Affinity manage your water supply for you. Call Justine Temple, Affinity Energy General Manager, on 01603 881 818.