Affinity understands the importance of caring for your loved ones. Healthcare isn’t just about treatment, it’s the reassurance that you and your loved ones will receive the best possible treatment quickly, without the added stress of lengthy waiting lists.

That’s why we have switched to a new a healthcare scheme, run by Aviva, which offers very competitive rates, offering you peace of mind and value for money.

The switch protects customers from significant hikes in premiums by the existing provider of the service. There will only be a 5% increase in premium (this percentage increase is lower than the UK average) and in an additional benefit, Affinty has negotiated for the compulsory 10% HM Revenues & Customs Tax (the Insurance Premium Tax) to be absorbed by Aviva into the total premium, meaning you will only pay the 5% increase, rather than a 15% increase.

At the request of customers, where healthcare policies cover groups of two or more people, your policy will include GP referred services, which includes the monitoring of a chronic condition. If you have an individual policy you will have access to My Health Counts and its many benefits.

Contact us on the Affinity Helpline on 01603 216 385 for more info or to ensure we have up-to-date address information, as well as any changes to employees (new starters or leavers).